Entry #4: Competition & Politics

Competition is just and fair. Nahs… we all know that competition is dirty. So how to beat the competition? How to not let it affect you? My secret?

Well at least i try to be… do something that i like, something ground breaking and difficult, something that will blow the mind of the judges and my peers. Put forth a stunning solution that will rock the boat and show one’s competence. If the effect doesnt have the correct impact. I will just get up and try again.

I have a boss who has informed me that he will not see through my progression and development. Sad to say this boss of mine has shrug off all responsibility towards overseeing my growth and development for the next few years. Precious time of my life down the drain. Another segment of my 20 over something years going to waste. With this all going on, if I dont do anything about it, will become 30 years. And i will be left blaming on everyone. And in rocky’s

The boss claims that he holds an appointment no longer than X number of years. So it is good bye before he can see me reach the peak of my competency/ career.

Sounds familiar? I used to feel victimised. I couldn’t accept this fact. I wouldn’t know how to circumvent this situation. It is bothering me. It is giving me sleepless nights and my well being is affected.

Others are better

My dad has a peculiar preference in the manner on how he treats his own family. Others are indeed better.

His siblings are more important than his own immediate family, the guy who drove the taxi was more correct than i was. (I was alleged to have slammed his car door and he got out of his taxi, started yelling. My dad just told me to apologize but i remained firm and refused to do so as i claimed innocence.)

Somehow i dont really quite understand the rational behind his believes and why he would think this way.

Yes it frustrates and annoys me. Till today he does the same thing to my mother. Now that i have moved out of the house as i have my own place, he continues to bully my mother. My mother is prone to fall ill as she is a cancer survivor. And so she was under the weather the last few days. Nonetheless, under the request from his beloved sister, my mother was told to cook up a feast on her behalf for this Saturday’s prayers. And they are to deliver the food items to her on Sunday. It sickens me that my mother who is not all feeling well is to be exploited this way. And my mother obliges and father allows his sister to abuse her.

I bet that my father will carry his secret with him to the grave and not give me an explaination why he treats us this way.

It does affect me at times. However, i cant change the fact that he is my dad. Like how i cant change my bosses. And so i have to accept my fate. I admit, i dont know the truth and shouldnt try to ask for it as he will not tell me.


More importantly, this is a lesson for me to learn. I am also a father now. I cannot and will not allow my family to be used by others.

I am the guardian of my household. If any stranger chooses to put their hands into ny house and attempts to take control of its affairs, they will have to face my wrath. This is in contrast of how my own dad treats us and i know how detrimental it is when the head of household chooses to back down in times of struggle and need. I cant let this happen to my family.

My daughter and wife needs a father who is loyal and stands firm ready to defend and protect them from any adversity who attempts to disrupt the harmony in my household. In my family, i have the say on how it goes and how it should be especially in terms of safety and providence.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY and i owe it to my loved ones under my care. Of all the 20 over something years, this is a crucial lesson that i have learnt and cannot forget.

May you also find strength for your loved ones.

Entry #3 New Add-ons, welcome friends

Graduation was a short relief. No more school and late nights. However, i am given new tasks today. There is this fear of pain that creeps up onto me.

What if i cant handle it? What if i am tasked to fail? What if i am not been recognised for putting the x amount of effort? Sigh. Wth…

Did i ask for it? Yup! Bring it on!

And so, man up and do the damn work. It may be a uphill climb.. so what? It is more important that i get focused and do even better. At least i get some empowerment. Find a solution and get on with it.


Turning tables

My boss is difficult to handle. Some people say that it is because he doesnt know what he wants. Or even have the morale courage to stand up for his own employees. His team, his people. He was always seen packing left overs from a buffet spread after events. A peculiar behaviour that detest even his own bosses. Until now he doesnt tell us why he does certain things, no one will understand why he does it. Just like my dad who always places his sister first before his own family.

As a leader for so many years, since primary school days, i have always hoped that i have a team who will look out my well being, especially so when my life and their life is at stake. We have no choice but to…

Work as a team.

To stand ready and to resolve any situation and not to place blame on others so easily in the midst of adversity.

Theres something about my father’s generation that appauls me. They are not strong enough to take hits.

Like my bosses and parents who were born between 1958 to 1973, they tend to be more conservative and refuse to take on challenges. And if there is something to blame, they will take it out on someone else like a scape goat.

And so in view that they are expressing themselves in such a manner, i have decided to take the following action.

1. Annoy them. I will just keep doing my best in what i do and to continue even if the thing that i am doing doesnt make sense to them. Anyway my boss will change in due course.

2. Do what i feel is best for myself. The key word is myself. No longer will i be bothered by why my boss packs leftovers from buffets. Instead, it should be coffee shop talk more than anything else.

3. Learn from these lessons and make sure that it doesnt happen to my family.

Wish me the best of luck as these decisions that i make, is a point of no return. Well at least i am willing to accept the fate that i am a no-body in this forsaken land and working as a nobody somehow takes the burden off my shoulder for the need to try too hard, to always make sure that i abide by the cultural rules placed upon me.

Welcome to MY cultural revolution.

Take a step back

I am currently doing a project that is for myself. Took up the challenge, planned the whole process. Sought for the necessary approvals. Done and now when i attempt to garner support from an external entity as part of the process. I have been shot down.

I was deemed to have done poorly in my staff work for not finding out information before hand. My name has been repeated over and over again for not finding this or that and not briefing the various forums with the relevant information.

Hmm.. pretty out of hand and seems like this particular person that i am trying to work with is all out to smear my name with accusations.

Lesson 1: I accept that i have done poorly. Thanks for the privilege. I will learn from it.

This experience has revealed to me something of the dynamics in my department. The blue eyed people i called them. Apart from the scholars, this blued eye people are the ones favoured by the bosses and their words meant more than anyone else.

Lesson 2: I am not favoured.

Although i do know from the start that this is the case. I wanted to fight. To try to win the hearts of my bosses. But i failed. Failure is hard to swallow nonetheless. But inorder to venture out of misery. I need to accept it and then climb out of it to success. This is what success is all about.

Lesson 3: Noise

All of this is noise. What matters is that this project, regardless on who takes it up , will eventually be rolled out. Thats professionalism. I need to let it go if required. Since i am not the favoured one.

Peace my friend and look to better days ahead.

Horrible staff work

This is bad staff work! Exclaims my boss. And i have been black marked because of this comment. Am i affected? Well writing this post probably insinuates that i am. Rest assure that i am not.

Lost but won.

I have learnt from this experience. An experience that many would not want to venture into. If my immediate supervisor so takes the credit for my hardwork. So be it. It is the culture and nature of my organization. The important thing to note is.


I have accepted my destiny that this is the manner that this place is. Nonetheless the delight i take out of all this politics are some bite size winnings.

I dont expect to have a pat on my shoulder for the hard work put into this project neither am i expecting a promotion thereafter. What i am expecting is my monthly pay cheques. This is my life. Maybe toblearn a new skill once in a while. That is good enough.

I have embarked on another adventure and i am really excited about it. Everyday when i am engaged in it, it provides me with added confidence.

Does it matter that my boss hates me? Nah not at all. I will just continue to press him to hate me more time after time and annoying him. Now thats delight.

Until maybe, he tells me to leave. I am fine. Have a good evening.

The Mantra


How to build this strength/ personality? How to go about ensuring that we will be prepared for all the ensuing challenges? It is with confidence.

Confidence gives us the empowerment and strength to face all challenges. It is like standing at the edge of the ledge and knowing that you will be fine even though you are faced with a predicament of falling off  and getting killed. But being able to capture that photo of a lifetime and earning some bragging points may somewhat become an achievement worth dieing for. In fact I rather know that I had died trying to accomplish something that I am proud of doing , rather than not doing anything at all.

In the new world, it is not about living. It is about achievements, accolades and how I can go about acquiring them with these 2 hands, to change the world. Just like how Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Jack Ma had done so. They are achievers, do you think you can be like them? Sure hell you can.

Now that is proper MERITOCRACY.

Solid achievements are always ventured out by individuals who believes in the unbeaten path. Scholars, are no longer persons who i deemed highly. They are just people with a certain tag line or occupational appointment placed upon them. Eventually, they will be just another person on the streets and they don’t matter too if they continue to depend on the system to climb the ladder. Such as back stabbing their peers to earn their supervisor’s respect etc. In the new world, this is no longer a sustainable approach. Instead, doing things differently, becoming rebellious, are traits that is welcomed and appreciated. Doing things differently takes courage and lots of effort to achieve new benchmarks. We are, naturally, LAZY. We are always hoping to take the easy way out. But is been lazy going to get you to where you want to be? Well honestly, if you continue LAZY, and you die knowing that you have not achieved anything. YOU DESERVED EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT.

This world is unforgiving. And you need to know that it is so. Like it or not, you will need to build the defenses, the capability to withstand any challenges, to be prepared for calamity that will call at your door and look it in the eye, with confidence and tell it, BRING IT ON, I AM ALL READY FOR YOU. In the manner of how you tell it, with sheer confidence, it will give you the added momentum required to spring yourself into action.

The challenge can smell your fear. So the more fear that you project towards the challenge, the more tough it will get. If the challenge gets tougher than it used to be, it may bring about more pain than usual. Trust me, i do express fear too and it does get more painful at times. However, the most important point is that i do not take flight. No matter how hard it gets, WE FIGHT!