Medal of Valor

Putting others before oneself and going beyond the call of duty.

These are the thoughts that resonates in me whilst I acquire the knowledge on the biography of men who had done extraordinary things whilst putting their lives on the line and when called to duty.

Some may think that this is only applicable only during war time but I beg to differ.

Day to day during peace time, no matter where we are, we are in a struggle. In a struggle for survival and in a struggle to maintain what little peace we can get our hands on. We struggle within ourselves to give our best to our loved ones and struggle to see that they get the best treatment ever.

The constant struggle in itself is a reminder that we are at war with ourselves. Constantly reaffirming our actions and putting other before self. Regardless of the consequences. In peacetime we can be reassured that the chances of losing our lives is kept to a minimum if a bad decision is made. However so, a bad decision can cause considerable pain.

So in valor and gallantry, are we ready to accept the consequences of our day to day actions regardless of it being good or bad. Are we able to accept the outcome and move on from it? This is even if the society deems it as taboo. If it is for our personal selves, who will be able to understand our situation?

‘Each of us are made unique. Our lives, destiny and karma are different and special to each one of us’

We cannot expect that another will somehow come to an awareness of our situation after much explaining. This is our journey and ours alone. No point in explaining but living it and working on it, matters. If I am able to save 30 percent of my time working on it and explaining to someone who will never understand, i would have achieved more than less.

Respect oneself before others. If we do not expect others to understand us we shall not expect ourselves to understand another. Henceforth, it is critical that we accept that others are also experiencing their own wars and will do so to fight with courage and valor. It is not about how much the extent or the type of valor, it is whether we have done our part to see through the most challenging tasks of our lives. Even if we know that the odds are not in our favour, we still proceed to do our part to ensure that our loved ones are given the best. The courage and the conviction to proceed as per normal…. is a form of valor.

Let’s do something for honor today.



I am unimportant to this world and to anyone. I have small significance in my efforts for a bigger picture. I am a nobody. Agree! So what! There needs to be an affirmation to make this life fulfilling.

My wife doesn’t love me. My daughter will turn up as a spoilt brat. Great that the missus has decided to take on the blame if that were to happen. Nonetheless my life’s meaningless. What’s there to look forward to?

Yes finally my old adversaries are paying a visit to me. It is a good thing that I have to revisit my convictions. If my family gives up on me what should I be looking forward to? A broken marriage and a lousy pay package.

The mental model:

The broken marriage

Well with a broken marriage it will mean that I have more chance to be more risk adverse. I can be better in what I can do. I can do and live better. Ok sure.. divorce will be a good thing after all… it is because of the missus that I am being held down. So I am happy if it doesn’t work out. I am no longer going to try so hard to hold things together. So be it!

Low pay

With the lost of my family, naturally more time should be spent to be better in what I do and can do. I should devote my 101% to work my ass off to increase my human capital and confidence.

And so, I welcome the divorce so that I can focus my whole in my life and no longer waste my time in insignificant things like trying to make my wife and daughter happy which will not ever happen. Well as a father I do at times feel sad and miss these days. But all well, i accept my fate and believe that the wife is difficult and she is always looking for someone who earns millions..

I am insignificant but bring it on. I am no longer fearful. I will not let fear take me on and rule me. If this blog is opened for nothing so be it. The well being of my daughter is my wife’s and no longer mine.

Moving forward

Never look back. Whatever you do never regret your actions. This is one of the fundamentals of grit.

There is this tendency for one to indulge in self pity.

But what if.. just what if… we avoid this tendency and focus our 101% of our efforts into our decisions made today? Regardless of the outcome and accept the consequences ?

Shrouded in uncertainties, it creates adventure. In adventures and challenges, we find our resolve and confidence.

May we all, through difficulties, find appreciation in the beauty of living and create that mountain we can lean on.

Have a lovely evening.

The Maniac syndrome

Yesterday, I was tested. Threats ran through my mind, I may lose my job, I will burn bridges..

The answer… i accepted this path and its consequences. Yes bring it on. I do not have any regrets.

Fail to do better. Do more to make more mistakes so that i can grow and learn. The courage to jump into the pit so that I can find my own resolve, it is probably a critical requirement for my survival. No longer would I depend on whether people liked me or my pleasant demeanour.

My work, my knowledge will be testiment to who I am and what I can do.

I will not depend on the environment. Instead with the path that I carve out for myself. More pain more gain.


More pain more gain

Take the war to where it hurts most.

When fear hits, let it hurt even more.

Through fear and terror.. may one find true strength and courage to go through it all.

The more I am afraid of doing something, the more I would want to do it.

I have gotten someone to be part of my team. Someone who is widely feared by many but may prove useful to the cause of the whole organization.

If i fail because of this person. If the project stops and is unable to proceed forward because of this person. Then somewhere along the line must have gone wrong. It will help us to keep focus to the main objective. It may be tough but it is definitely good.

As the user, her presence adds on great value to the cause. For both at the National level and at my company’s level. So why should I fear her? She is doing a favour for us and for the entire organization.

Although the feedback that i have gotten is negative about her. Although it will be difficult I will need to practice more faith and patience. Lots of it.

This may be a career ending move. I may somehow become enemy number one. I need to see this for myself. That I have tried and in doing so if i fail. Then yes at least i have tried.

Bon voyage my friend and I hope to see you on the other side may it be for the worst or for the best.

Dear God my future is in your hands.

Peace out.

Check in

Time check… it has been a while since my last posting. In this new year post, much have changed. People leaving the organization, changes to leadership, loved ones contracting serious illnesses etc. And it all comes down to one thing, aging… events as the one that i had just pointed are things that are not preventable. We will not know when or where it will happen, but the only thing that we can be certain about, is how do I react towards when it matters.

In this new year, i have challenged myself, when the outlook is bleak, i must find ways to turn things around, either to look for opportunities within the negativity of events or to try to make positivity out of it. These are the principles that i hold myself accountable.

Recently, i was captivated by a book on extreme ownership and it had enlightened me to take up responsibility for any mishaps that had happened to me or the people under me.

I have decided to take up the mettle and not blame it on others for the setbacks. The question that i pose to myself in the event of a problem, “how can i, as a person and leader make things better for my leaders and family.” I shall abide to these principles and will not veer off from it.

Let’s hope that for this new year, though filled with great uncertainties and troubles, will not stop your flame from burning strong.

Instead of being the trouble be the solution instead. – the nomad 15th February 19


It has been awhile… am going through abit of thinking and reflection first before i continue to write.

Today I managed to sit through a lecture from MIT and it was mind blowing. The way the lecture was delivered by their esteemed professor just increases my interest on the subject.

Maybe i felt that way because I felt priviledged to be part of the top 1% of the world’s brightest and most capable. The lecture was to me, just like any other lecture. The words spoken were easy to absorb and never alien to me. And i pondered…

Why am I not in MIT? The curriculum is like any other schools that i have been to but what was impeccable was the delivery and presentation of the topic. It was the power of communication. Breaking down the most complex of topics into bite size where the common population understands. That’s what makes the difference between an Ivy League university to just any other.

I am ashamed of myself. I am a true believer of communications. No communication, no life and we would have lived in total isolation. The professor had displayed a mastery in delivering a logical and easy to understand lecture which was extracted from the most complex and mind bothering issue of today: computer security and its threats. Alien as it seemed to the industries in 2018, but to this guy, it is like it has always been.

I had witnessed magic and it had given me inspiration to want to be an ala mata of MIT. Now i know why everyone fights just to get themselves into that school. Paying top dollar to witness the delivery of its curriculum. I am not going to touch on its lesson plan in this post but to share the eureka moment that i have encountered today.

Just magnificent. Thanks MIT for sharing a glimpse on what the world’s brightest is going through. And that we are all the same species (there was a point in time that i thought the brightest were aliens and were out of this world).

Thanks for the open source lectures.

Since they are human, do they go through the same pain as us.

Hell ya they do.

Pain is empowerment of oneself to do something and want something.